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After Libya, the Sudan now also opts for experienced printing machine manufacturer EDELMANN

EDELMANN Printing Machines, the manufacturer from southern Germany, has firmed up its sales market in Africa. After selling a machine in Libya, it has now sold another printing machine in the Sudan. Sudan Currency Printing, active in Khartoum, has placed an order for an EVO-Print V-52. The aim of the company is to further develop the printing industry in the Sudan.

With the purchase of the EVO-Print V-52, the company has gained new potential in the Sudan - the machine has six printing units with printing formats of 17", 22" and 24" as well as a numbering and imprinting unit with Leibinger numbering machines. It is also equipped with a file hole punching unit, a Remaliner (sprocket hole punching unit), a scissor cutting unit, a folder, a cross-cutter as well as a high-pile stacker. With this order, the buyer from the Sudan aims to benefit from the many years of experience that EDELMANN Printing Machines has garnered in the printing machine industry. According to the latest developments in the market, the company is the only printing machine manufacturer in the area of narrow-web offset printing in the German-speaking region. The fact that EDELMANN Printing Machines stands for quality "Made in Germany" was also a factor. This is already the second machine that Sudan Currency Printing in Khartoum has acquired from the printing machine manufacturer. The printing company already owns an EVO Print 48 five and due to the good experience with this machine has decided to purchase an additional machine. The EVO-Print V-52 will be ready for delivery in the coming months.


The individual solution for every press application first class quality, absolute dependability and outstanding economy. These are the criteria you would take for granted from your new press. But, how does it look with individuality of your new production machine. From EDELMANN you can expect a printing plant which will be customised to give you the widest flexibility in satisfying your customers requirements. The EVO-PRINT range with web width variants of 430mm and 520mm can be specified to your exact wishes to match demands in the label, flexible packaging, folding cartons, continuous forms, cut sheet forms, packing inserts, sticky notes, security print or general commercial work. This saves money and time instead of retro-fitting conversion modules and parts, your machine is configured from the start to fit into its given role in product work flow. EDELMANN experts are ready to help to put together your special configuration from their wide variant portfolio.

For Labels and Packaging

The concept of 2-cylinder print inserts in the EVO-PRINT range from EDELMANN has been specially developed for the production of all label applications and narrow web packaging. The machine unites in an ideal way the high tech equipment of the EVO-PRINT with 3 cylinder print inserts, the high demands of printing and processing sensitive materials in the production of labels and packaging. A high degree of automation, proven machine technology and extremely short make-ready give optimum price/performance ratios to make the machines outstanding. A huge range of optional equipment allow the machine to be built with maximum versatility to produce many end product versions convincingly. The EDELMANN EVO-PRINT machines are renown for extreme reliability and provide high and hesitation free rates of production.

The Offset Print Units

Many design elements of the big sister the COLOR-PRINT have flowed into the EVO-PRINT. Helical hardened drive gears, ink sliders with motorised remote control, motorised ink feed roller control, inking unit temperature control including ink duct roller, ink recip roller stroke infinitely adjustable, alcohol damping with automatic speed compensation – nothing has been missed.

2-Cylinder Offset Print Inserts

The 2 cylinder offset print inserts are size variable from 13” – 25” with 1/6” gear increments and have been specially developed for the label and packaging industry. This insert, whose major parts are plate and blanket cylinders, makes it possible to change inserts without breaking the web and reduces the size change time per print tower to less than one minute. Not only are make-ready time and materials saved when compared to the 3-cylinder insert, also the investment costs per print size are drastically reduced. This is especially important when a machine is fitted with a number of print sizes. The high print quality which the users of classic sheet fed or 3-cylinder inserts know and value is retained in the design by the presence of plate and blanket cylinder bearings. The geometry of the web path makes the use of water cooled chill rollers and UV hardening systems a natural feature. A size change can be made in seconds through the use of a tool free pneumatic/mechanical insert locating system. Especially useful is that the system zero positioning gives practically exact print register positioning.

3-Cylinder Offset Print Insert and Print Insert Change

The 3-cylinder print inserts are designed and built to run bearer to bearer. This is a basic requirement for perfect offset print results. As special insert change system gives shortest make-readies. The plate, blanket and impression are size variable from 11” – 26” with 1/6” gear pitch and are changed from the drive side. Using pneumatic/mechanical tool free insert positioning a size change can take place in seconds. The special feature is that an almost perfect zero position and exact register is achieved.

Convincing Inking Power with Automatic Colour Control AIC

This inking unit is laid out to provide top versatility for all product types. An ink form roller and a combined ink/water forme roller, ringed by five ink recip rollers provide the ink coverage. The automatic temperature control of the ink train is basis for constant minute control of ink sliders and ink feed roller. The standard automatic wash up increase operator comfort and makes fast job changes possible. The machine is fitted with automatic ink control (AIC) having adjustable ink feed roller with speed compensation. The positioning of the individual ink zone sliders is provided by remote print system control. The control takes place on a separate operators control console. Additional service and diagnostics increase the machine availability.

Flexo Print Units & Flexo Units

Of course flexo print units can be integrated in the EVO-PRINT. Usually they are placed as the first unit after the unwind for applying opaque white or similar coatings. They can also be the last print unit for applying full out solids or spot varnishing. The flexo units can be supplied with stereo cylinders as well as sleeve cylinders. Sometimes the last flexo unit is used for the application of full coverage laminate adhesive.

Cold Embossing Unit & UV-Dryer

The cold embossing unit can be placed after the last wet offset print unit or after a flexo print unit. There is enough space for UV drying, so that up to three UV lamps can be used on machines with 3-cylinder print inserts. This is important when no cold embossed foil is attached to the web and the drying position is required for UV-dryer. If desired a chill roller can be placed in this position and integrated.

Delivery Options

Usually labels and flexible packaging are produced reel to reel. To achieve this, the EVO-PRINT offers rewind units with a maximum reel diameter of 1.270mm. Many special requirements need optional types of delivery, these are especially the format variable sheeter and respectively the non-stop reel rewind unit. Both versions, reel to sheet or sized to order small reels are offered by EDELMANN.

Versatility – almost without limits

The EVO-PRINT model range available with web widths of 430mm and 520mm will produce practically every product achievable from a reel. The machines impact heaviest on runs of 20,000 to 100,000 on the print size 24”. Straight through web path in the 3 cylinder insert version, that allows trouble free UV drying, makes the EVO-PRINT especially useful when running coated stocks and for general commercial work. It makes no difference whether the machine is fitted with a scissor cut sheeter, rewind, plough folder or x-break folder – the web speed is still 300metres/min (980ft/min).

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